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  • ARES software is proven to drive personalization at scale, boost engagement, and increase bottom-line performance through immersive experiences.

  • Our trusted Augmented Reality (AR) is used by 250 million people in the world daily.

  • Suite of cutting-edge solutions for businesses to offer advanced experiences across owned and operated channels with ease.


Max Creativity Meets Max Utility

Shopping Suite - create groundbreaking experiences for customers with impactful results. ARES provides companies with advanced AR and AI technologies to improve the shopping experience, dedicated services to create AR assets, and comprehensive management tools to help retailers easily enable their e-commerce stack.

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Fit Finder

Help shoppers find the right size with AI driven recommendations that boost conversions and reduce returns.

  • Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences: Multiple shopper-inputs provide personalized and accurate fit recommendations.

  • Increased Accuracy with AI: Algorithms identify patterns in purchases and returns data to deliver accurate recommendations for items that are most likely to fit shoppers.

  • Increase Shopper Confidence: Fit Finder’s features help shoppers get the ideal size.

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Clothing Try-On

The easy, scalable, and impactful virtual try-on experience for clothing.

  • Inclusive Try-On for Everyone: Our technology accounts for the contours, shapes, and edges of a product, the shopper’s unique body type, and their unique environment.

  • Make Shopping Convenient: Shoppers can try clothes where they are most comfortable by uploading a photo into the feature or visualize the products on models they select.

  • Easy Enablement: Our proprietary technology makes enabling these experiences at scale easy using existing product photography.

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Eyewear and Footwear Try-On

Reduce the imagination gap with live try-on experiences for eyewear and footwear products directly from product detail pages.

  • Personalize Shopping: Shoppers can virtually try-on your products from anywhere.

  • Higher Engagement and More Loyalty: Wow customers and keep them coming back for more with unforgettable branded experiences.

  • Bottom-Line Performance: Provide confidence with immersive try-on that moves shoppers over the consideration hump and boosts conversion.

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3D Viewer

Shoppers can visualize products as if they are tangible, providing a more detailed and personalized way to experience a diverse range of products.

  • World-Class Quality: Realistic renderings that showcase the true appearance of the object on any device.

  • Motivate Purchases: Shoppers can experience a more detailed look at product features, aesthetics, and materials fueling increased purchases.

  • Native Integration: Seamlessly integrated into the photo carousel and shopper journey, these experiences also add a convenient entry point into AR.

Case Studies

Princess Polly

Fit Finder and Clothing Try-On features helped Princess Polly deliver over 50 million recommendations to over 7.5 million shoppers.






in Return Rate


Goodr leveraged Shopping Suite’s Eyewear Try-On to replicate the experience of in-store shopping on customers’ mobile devices.



in Conversion


Increase in

Revenue per Visitor

Gobi Cashmere

1 in 4 Gobi Cashmere shoppers used Fit Finder and Clothing Try-On to help select clothes, leading to a 4x higher conversion rate.


Increase in 

Conversion Rate

1 in 4

Shoppers Engaged

with Features

Stephen Lease

Goodr Co-Founder and CEO

“Implementing Snap’s Shopping Suite, particularly AR Try-On and 3D Viewer, resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and a considerable uptick in sales, closing the gap between what our customers expect their goodrs to look like and how they actually look.”

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Uplift in Conversions

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Increase in Revenue per Visitor

AR Mirrors

Our physical AR Mirrors bring both shopping and creative augmented reality experiences to lifesize interactive displays at any physical location. 

Content on AR Mirrors can be fully customized and tailored to any goals. Instantaneous and intuitive - guests are immediately inspired to have fun, explore, capture, learn, and even share on social media - transforming typical brand engagement into a magical, memorable experience.

Provide new ways to experience your brand with immersive technologies.

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